Millenium Mortal

 Humanity enters a New Millennium…

And with it comes technology, information, the World Wide from Web: a platform that is interactive, full of knowledge, perspective, opinion and diversity, unlimited options and choices, answers and guidance to anything you could possibly desire.

With it comes many concerning Environmental issues and a vast plain of unsettling Health Crisis.

With it comes a unifying level of Social awareness and a much broader view of the humanity’s issues (religious, political, moral and otherwise) within wholesale jerseys the World.

With it comes a mortal awareness of our ultimate vulnerabilities, strengths and spiritual potential.

And with it …the New Millennium has brought great potential and awareness to the values that matter most to our evolution, adaptation and spiritual growth here on Planet Earth.


Technology has opened a line of communication that has expanded our historical two-dimensional perspective and experiences and has invited a new dimension unto the World that we have never had before. It has allowed us to learn so much more about each other, share relative knowledge and diverse experiences, develop new platforms of learning and growing, and unite people in like-minded lifestyles for over twenty years now. And we have learned to communicate in a whole new way, a very necessary way, we believe here at Millenium Mortal.

We see people communicating the real important realities of their hearts, we see people rallying for equality and the greater ??! good, we see new innovations and technologies being shared in the collective societies of the world, we see friends being made around the planet , we see passion and purpose having a platform to unite with those that can raise the cause and good vibrations, and we see authentic stars being born every day!



Environmental awareness has enlightened us to not only the condition and seriousness of our environmental issues, but it has also made this world seem very small as we have discovered just how big an impact natural disasters alone can devastate a Jerseys community and countries around the world, and how lively hoods are devastated by climate change, how too many unfortunate industrial accidents affected lives and habitats, and how industrial waste practices impact Mother Earth every day in every country around the World.

Millenium Mortal will be sharing resolutions and options to environmental waste practices and products that can not only help you, your pets, your plants and gardens but Mother Nature too in her process to cleanse, rejuvenate and thrive into the future. Water and air are the essential elements of survival of life on Earth…for All…they are our two most precious and necessary resources to protect and nurture on Earth. We also believe at Millenium Mortal that Nature is the greatest provider and teacher of how we can heal not only ourselves but Nature’s balance too…cause what is making her sick…is what is making us sick too.

But…amongst this uncertainty and fear of the unknown we find our primal ability to survive and evolve to the best we can be…our strengths and instincts start to take over and we find ourselves suddenly aware and prepared for the changes. We suddenly discover we are aware of our mortality and question our potential to survive and thrive….and this leads to a greater find deep within a search of Self because….

Spiritual Awakening


We are awakening! Awakening to a tug of war of our mortal values, ethics, needs and directive. We are questioning the depth of passion life should have, we are questioning the evolution of our potential, we marketing are questioning our own potential to evolve in Spirit, we are questioning our disconnection from Nature and we are questioning the truths of which we are led to believe. We are questioning the accountability and values of our own choices.

This questioning Self leads to an awareness of your own unique Instincts and values. This Ciclos questioning of your spiritual awareness creates an awakening of what is fact and truth and what is interpretive and opinion, what separates us and what divides us. Questioning Self can empower our ability to seek knowledge and trust our inner instincts, teach us to listen to that fluttering gut, twitching eye, itchy palm of our instincts and it guides us to follow the direction of our own passion and heart on our path to Awakening.

Upon Awakening, we are experiencing a syncronicity in our lives that is awakening us to our purpose and passions in this experience called Life. We are noticing the right people with the right information come along at the right moment, we are using our skill sets in new ways, we are purging our belongings, we are facing our fears of the future and forgiving the mistakes of our past. We are discovering our Gratitude for the miraculous manifestation of the Universe, we are finding like-minded folks uniting in compassion and understanding as we are reaching out to our neighbors with a genuine heart and we are advocating for Mother Earth with unyielding passion. We are finding truths that make sense, resolutions that are life changing and long term, making changes for the better despite our arrogance, discovering solutions to the nagging questions and wonderings of the unknown and relishing in the accomplishments of finding our way into the frontier of the New Millennium with a child like curiosity.

We have learned the power of people, the power of authenticity, the power of social media empowering our evolutionary directive…no matter how chaotic it seems…it has a purpose and a rhythm…it has a symphony of elements playing out at all moments that can connect us to inspiration to the collective consciousness of All.


Health and Happiness

Health and Happiness


Health and Happiness are the two most influential aspects of our mortal experience. And they can work well hand in hand… if we are healthy we are happier…if we are happy we are healthier. Millenium Mortal believes that finding real value in Self by prioritizing your own health is the first step in Awakening. By putting your own health first and making conscious choices and changes to improve your health and vitality; you are more inspired to build value in your life, make your life valuable and invest in you. This empowers you to be the best version of you for your Self, your children, and your family and friends when they need you, or when that challenge in life arises, and when the inspiration comes to evolve yourself further into Self and your own passionate assignment.

Millenium Mortal believes in the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ and that the value of nutrients and vitamins in our foods are essential to our health and happiness. We do believe that new innovative and scientific discoveries are teaching the importance of quality nutrients in our foods. Couple that with alive oxygenated water creating an alkaline environment for our cellular membranes and we have the tools to finding balance, vitality and longevity in our bodies and health.







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